Power to the People Expo – experience Democracy in action

Learn new skills, try cool tech and help us to reimagine Democracy. Best of all, it’s free!

Join us for a day of fun, play and interactive learning for all ages.

We’d love to see you, your family, your friends, neighbours and workmates for the launch of the Power to the People Study at Melbourne Knowledge Week on Sunday, 26 May.

Everyone with an interest is welcome drop into the Expo at any time between 11am-4pm. 

Vote, inquire, discuss, learn and create in an interactive marketplace of ideas. If you complete all six activities on the day, you’ll get a special prize. 

Location: Meat Market, 3 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne VIC, Australia. (Wheelchair accessible.)

Event details

The first Power to the People Expo is an all ages event to be held at the Melbourne Knowledge Week Hub on 26 May, 2019. It will include the Democracy Marketplace and a series of three fun and interactive workshops on Democracy.

At the event we’ll encourage you to become social citizen scientist for a day. This means you’ll engage with our marketplace of ideas, reflect on what you learned and then give us your recommendations. 

Your contributions will be recorded and  included in a discussion paper for industry and government after the event. So, you’ll actually experience a tiny taste of Democracy in action. 

All research and contributions collected on the day will also feed into the wider Power to the People Study, which will run from May 2019, for 12 months.

Democracy Marketplace:

Open to public: 11am – 4pm

People of all ages, from all cultural and educational backgrounds, are invited to explore Democracy through a series of six hands-on activities with presented by cool people, with some fun games and tech to try. Make a protest sign or badge, vote on your smartphone and learn about ways you can work with government on the issues you care about. 

Make a protest sign, or a badge and learn more about activism 

Visit the Protest Lab to make a protest sign, or a badge, and take it with you to be an activist for a day. This activity is in collaboration with the Centre of Democracy in South Australia, who will be hosting an event at IdeasFEST in Adelaide at the same time on the same day. Teddy Transcendent, Founder and Owner of Crafternoon in Brunswick will be there to help you express your artistic side. Visit Centre of Democracy for more details. 

Learn how to collaborate with government today

Max Hardy’s job is to help government and community work together. He’s worked on a number of exciting projects, where government puts the power in the hands of the people. Hear from Max and others on how you can get involved with these sorts of projects, and what makes Direct Democracy special. Visit Max Hardy Consulting for more information. 

Vote on solutions, and add your suggestions using NewVote

Cast your votes on key current issues, and solutions for the future of democracy with the NewVote online voting app. Founder and CEO of NewVote, Dion McCurdy, will be there on the day to discuss Digital Democracy with visitors to the Marketplace. Learn more at NewVote. 

Sign a petition to support the call for an International Year of Engagement

Join us as we launch a new Change.org petition for a United Nations International Year of Community Engagement in support of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Local Public Participation experts will be there on the day to share what they love about community engagement and tell you more about the petition. The petition in being run in partnership with the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2). Learn more on the IAP2 webite. 

Creating safe spaces online to get to now your neighbours

The first Good Karma Network (GKN) was started in 2016, in Kensington, by local Founder, Amy Churchouse. GKNs are facebook groups where neighbours can ask for help or offer it; and in 2019 there are now 43 neighbourhood GKNs across Australia.

This is chance for existing members of Good Karma Networks to get together, and for new members to sign up for your own local group! While GKNs aren’t really a Democracy, they create a safe, healthy space for neighbours to share information and connect in new ways. More details on the Good Karma Effect website. 

Social citizen science and the Power to the People Study

After you’ve explored the Democracy Marketplace, come and visit the Power to the People stand to answer a few final online questions and collect a special prize. This is where you tell us what you’ve learned, and what you think the future of democracy looks like. Your contributions throughout the event will feed into a research paper for industry and government, and the longer-term Power to the People Study. 

Interactive Workshops:

The three workshops will be fun, educational and enlightening. They’ll invite participants to explore the Past, Present and Future of Democracy using games, educational talks, and Digital Democracy.

What does Democracy mean to you?

We all know Australia’s a Democracy, right? But what does that actually mean to you? Through this workshop, we’ll explore where the term ‘power to the people’ came from, and what its true meaning might be today. Co-define Democracy with us and tell us what other information you’d need to help reimagine the future of Democracy.


How can we create safe spaces that support peaceful free speech?

Part of a healthy Democracy is about people being able to gather in safe public spaces and speak freely. Let’s talk about what make spaces feel safe online and in real life. Your ideas and comments in this workshop will help us to plan future Power to the People events and online activities to be more safe, inclusive and enjoyable for everyone. 


Vote online and suggest ways to improve Democracy

How would you like to see Democracy improved? The change you want to see in the world might be closer than you think. Learn about some big ideas for the future of Democracy and share your own. During this workshop you’ll get to play with the NewVote online Democracy platform to vote on possible solutions to ‘fix’ Democracy.

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Need more info?

Power to the People is a people-powered exploration of the past, present and future of Democracy. 

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