What's the future of democracy?

We don’t know…

You tell us! 

What's the future of democracy?

We don’t know…

You tell us! 

What's the future of democracy?

We don’t know… 

You tell us! 

Explore the past, present and future of democracy with us

This research projects aims to tell a collective story about democracy. You can get involved in this project online and face-to-face between now and May 2020.

We believe in the wisdom of everyday citizens, including: young people and students, working professionals, families, retirees and the elderly. So, anyone who’s interested in the project is welcome to join our mailing list and participate online or via our Melbourne Knowledge Week 2019 activities.

Together, we’ll explore the origins and history of democracy, and its present state. Then, we’ll all imagine what it could look like in the future.

Community members are invited to join online discussions, surveys and activities, and in Melbourne we’ll be hosting a range of face-to-face workshops in coming months.  

At the end of this project, we’ll prepare a summary of everyone’s insights and ideas about democracy. We’ll make this available to people who work in the public sector (including publicly elected members, public sector employees and relevant research bodies). 

Join us for an adventure to explore what democracy has been, and what it could become in the future. Thanks in advance for your time, efforts and attention. 

How to get involved​

Melbourne Knowledge Week 2019

Join us for the ‘Power to the People Expo’, a day of fun, play and interactive learning for all ages.
We’d love to see you, your family, your friends, neighbours and workmates for the launch of the Power to the People Study at Melbourne Knowledge Week on Sunday, 26 May.

Become an online democracy hacker

Soon, we’ll launch online tools designed to help you participate, wherever you are. We’ll share online surveys, discussions and activities for you to contribute from the comfort of your smartphone. Participants from all over the world are welcome and encouraged to get involved. 

Research plan and advocacy

In early 2020, we hope to shine a light on what democracy means to people from all over the world, and share some collective wisdom around how it could be improved in the future. Let us know if you’re interested in the final results or would like to contribute.

Latest project news

Check out our blog for the latest news on the Power to the People study. Info about how to get involved and what’s happened so far will be posted regularly. Sign up for emails if you’d like to be updated automatically when news comes out. 

Contribute to our crowdfunding campaign

This research project is being supported by Future.Boutique a digital engagement agency based out of Melbourne, Australia. It’s a small agency – founded by Megan Girdler in 2017. Megan’s a passionate believer in to power of collaborative outcomes, and is dedicated to seeing the project through on a shoestring budget. 

That said, we’re running a crowdfunding campaign, because if the project is able to get more resources behind it – we’ll get greater reach. This will mean our data is more representative, and we can share the results more widely. 

Contributions will fund things like the Melbourne Knowledge Week event, and would allow us to do other fun projects later in 2019. 

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